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Our babysitters are Lord Howe Island locals. They know the island well and what it has to offer children of all ages. Love Lord Howe can recommend a babysitter based on your personal circumstances, or you can review our babysitter profiles below.

Love Lord Howe makes bookings and collects booking deposits on behalf of the babysitters. We do not charge any fees to ‘introduce’ parents/guardians to potential Lord Howe Island based babysitters.

Please be aware that if you engage a babysitter via our website, it is a private agreement between you and the babysitter. Love Lord Howe is not responsible for the babysitting services provided, nor for the accuracy of any of the information supplied by the babysitters who have requested to list on our website.



Hi! I’m Lucy and I moved to Lord Howe Island from Melbourne at the start of 2021. I grew up in a small country town in North-West NSW, and have since enjoyed living in various parts of Australia.

My biggest love is music – singing, playing or listening! My background is in music events, and I’m lucky to continue working remotely on the Island.

Children bring out the best in me and I’ve always loved their company. A day with me would be a lot of fun, but always responsible and safe. Depending on the children’s preference, my perfect day would consist of swimming, walking, eating, talking, listening and telling stories! Creating a personable and comfortable environment is important to me, and I’m happy with children of all ages.

Daytime on request, subject to availability. Night-time on request, subject to availability.



Hi! I’m Elyse. I have lived and loved Lord Howe Island for almost five years. I am originally from Melbourne, but have been travelling around Australia for the last eight years. In the Lord Howe winter, I spend my time in the Kimberley however, this hasn’t happened in the last two years due to Covid. I love the outdoors and connecting with nature, wildlife and enjoying the ocean and rockpools. I also love looking after little ones while their parents go out for dinner. Story time, slow play and settling children into a happy and relaxed night is part of the day I truly cherish. I am comfortable with  children of all ages and I am looking forward to helping you enjoy a much needed holiday on our beautiful island.

Daytime: On request, subject to availability, Night Time: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday



Hi! I’m Asca and I’m originally from Perth. I’m currently living and working on Lord Howe for the 2021/2022 summer season. I’m a keen water girl with a huge passion for our oceans and the planet. I like to spend my time outdoors, immersed in nature and exploring this beautiful paradise. I also love getting creative with paints and colours. I’m happiest with children from 0-3 years.

Daytime: On request, subject to availability, Night Time: Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday



Hi! I’m Carol and I’ve lived on Lord Howe Island for forty three years! I have two children who grew up here. My son still lives on Lord Howe with his wife and three children who are fourteen, twelve and ten. My daughter lives in Sydney with her two children who are aged four and one.

I have always been active in helping out with all my grandchildren, and I have babysat for many, many holidaying families over the years.

I like knitting and going to the beach. I am comfortable looking after children of all ages.

Daytime: Monday, Tuesday and Friday, Night Time: On request, subject to availability



Greetings! My name is Nicole and I’m originally from Canada. I have been living in Australia for seven years. I’m very grateful to have spent the four years on beautiful Lord Howe Island.

I am a Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga teacher currently leading regular yoga classes. I’m also studying health and working in bush regeneration on the island.

I am a responsible, compassionate and patient babysitter who loves kids. With my energetic and playful nature, I provide an engaging, supportive and safe atmosphere for kids of any age.

Daytime: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Night Time: On request, subject to availability



Hi! I’m Danielle. I’ve been living on Lord Howe for eight years with my family. I have two children, one who attends Lord Howe Island Central School. If I babysit for your family during the day, my three old Son will be with me. He loves meeting new people as do I. We love going to the beach and attending the local playgroup.

Daytime: On request, subject to availability, Night time: Wednesday and Sunday