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Danielle Nicolson Love Lord Howe Island

Hi! My name is Danielle, owner and operator of Love Lord Howe.

I moved to Lord Howe Island with my family in 2013 and was blown away by the beauty of this wonderful Island and community. I did however miss the ease of readily available childcare and catering options of the mainland.

Now my kids are attending both the local school and pre-school, Love Lord Howe has been created for the benefit of all visitors to our beautiful island.

My aim was not only to find a solution to a tourism need, but also employ other local mothers so they can work around their children’s schedules – something I found quite difficult when my kids were young.

In late 2020 I launched Love Lord Howe’s Babysitting Connection Service. This service was built based on my in-depth knowledge of local babysitters who had looked after my own children. It also provided visitors with a central person on Lord Howe to contact to arrange babysitting no matter where they were staying.

Love Lord Howe Picnics and Platters began in late 2021, further serving the needs of visitors. By the time the 2021/2022 season had closed, I had personally catered for over fifty picnics, arranged three proposals and co-ordinated a wedding. During the final week of the season, I reached my goal of employing another working mother.

The 2022/2023 season adds wedding, event and conference services. I look forward to working with even more local mums to create beautiful picnics, platters, weddings and events for our visitors.

Can’t wait to see you enjoy the island as much as we do!

Happy holidaying,

Danielle xx