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If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ you’ll know that the character ‘Red’ is the man who has ‘been known to locate certain things from time to time’

Everyone who lives permanently on Lord Howe Island is their own version of ‘Red’. Locals know all the tricks and tips to get items to Lord Howe. Our goal is to get them to the island at the lowest possible cost. Avoiding or reducing freight costs could almost be seen as a unique island sport, with all locals enjoying telling others of their achievements.

As much locals support our small businesses, using them for all of our ‘general living’ purchases is unsustainable for those living here permanently. Our businesses need to pass on the cost of ship freight which makes purchases in our shops and restaurants significantly higher than the mainland.

Any small freight savings offset the amount we pay for items where we have no control over the price, such as airfares, petrol and gas. Pricing for petrol alone is at least $1 more expensive per litre than on the mainland and a return airfare to Sydney can cost more than an overseas trip.

Not only does sharing these tricks and tips help us with the cost of living it also brings us together as a community. You are truly integrated Lord Howe local once you find a way to avoid freight and share it with someone else!