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I honestly thought my picnic bookings would stop at the end of the April school holidays. I expected to be spending my days socialising with friends who I hadn’t seen over the busy summer and autumn months and sitting around wishing I was busy creating picnics.

So, it turns out this is not the case! There has been a steady stream of picnic bookings as well as enquiries for large groups for late May and June. I even have a proposal scheduled in the middle of June!

But this creates a dilemma – is winter season on Lord Howe worth the risk for outdoor picnics?

Although Lord Howe can be beautiful at all times of the year, during winter we have the increased chance of rain and wind. Should I take these bookings? Will people understand I can’t control the weather, or would they expect me to cancel and refund bookings should it be unsuitable for an outdoor picnic the entire time they are here?

I love when people tell me it was the best thing they did during their stay. Will this still happen with the weather as my opponent? Or will people be unable to see past the weather constraints?

I have been debating this with my husband and he thinks I should remain open operating as normal. He believes people will understand I can’t control the weather, and that they know I would do everything in my power to make the experience the best it can be.

So, I choose to stay open over winter. I’m hopeful this is the right decision, and there’s future blog posts about lovely winter picnics.

Danielle x